Alani M. Vargas

Changing the World, One Deadline at a Time

Meet the Writer

Alani is a native Chicagoan with a passion for women’s rights, journalism and coffee. She is a senior at Medill (as well as Weinberg for her double major in History) and is in the magazine track. Alani is the Editor-in-Chief for Her Campus Northwestern and was a features writer for Her Campus National. She was also a columnist for The Daily Northwestern. Alani spent most of her sophomore year as the Social Media Director for the NU chapter of Her Campus and currently runs the social media and marketing for the Chicagoland store of Underground Printing. Her work can also be seen on BuzzFeed community. When Alani isn’t working, re-watching Supergirl, or the many other shows she keeps up with, she enjoys music and geeking out over Star Wars or Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

She can be reached at


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